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Personality Mask

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What is it?

This a project which can allow students to portray the various aspects of their personalities visually. A white, non-breakable plastic, or paper mache, full face mask is provided to the student. He then puts on the mask different things which represent the various aspects of his personality.

How do you play?

Students are given a clean white mask. They are instructed to put on the mask, visual representations of who they are. They may use paint, markers,crayons, stickers, pencil, pictures from print media, ribbons, sequins, etc.

These representations are meant to illustrate past experiences, fears, aspirations,talents, weaknesses, hobbies, interests, family, friends, pets, favorite things, dreams, etc.

What does it yield?
  • It allows the kinesthetic learners to have their day in the sun.
  • It forces students to think about who they are and maybe how they got to be where they are in the present.
  • It allows students to reflect on their past experiences and look into the future, in light of them.
  • It may allow you to run this project for free!! At the high school in Barnstable, Mass. the Psych teacher put the finished masks up on display for parent night. One parent was so impressed that he wrote out a check to pay for running the project the next semester!!

What is included in the kit?
  • Plastic or Paper Mache face masks (customer's choice - please indicate on your order form)
  • Complete instructions on how to run the project
  • If you order 15 or more masks we will include, free of charge, a color transparency of four completed student masks and a written script of their own descriptions of what their masks mean.

How much does it cost?
Each mask costs $ 2.50. Teachers usually have their students buy the masks from them. So, if the teacher chose to make this a choice project, he/she could add up the number of students wanting to do the mask option, order them and then charge the students accordingly. This way, the students would have the mask in hand and would not have to pay craft store prices of $ 4. - $ 5. /mask.

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