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Inversion Goggles
What are they?

They are plastic safety goggles with a 4" 45 degree angle prism welded into the goggle lens.  The goggles are completely spray painted except for one of the angled faces of the prism.  

How do you play?

When a student puts on the goggles visual inputs are inverted.  Everything he sees through the goggles is upside down.  Students can make drawings on paper with a pencil or a marker.  They can try to trace pre-existing drawings.  Signing their name on a piece of paper. Play catch with a dead tennis ball.  Shakes hands with another person.  Get a drink at the drinking fountain.  Follow a maze pattern with a pencil on a piece of paper. 

What can you accomplish?
  • You can demonstrate how vitally important correct visual inputs to the brain are on motor activities. 
  • You can demonstrate how difficult it is to adjust to inverted visual inputs as opposed to laterally distorted inputs as are produced by our other distortion goggles.
  • Your can demonstrate to your students that school can be fun.

What is included in the kit?
  • One pair of inversion goggles 
  • Several suggested activities using the goggles 

How much does it cost?
Each pair of goggles costs $ 25.

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